“It’s time to send an America First Fighter to Congress”

Putting Conservative Values First

By being consistently true to principle, Representative Becker ranks at the top of any organizational scorecard for conservatism and liberty. For example in 2021, the American Conservative Union Foundation awarded Representative Becker the only 100% conservative rating in North Dakota.

“In Congress I will be one of President Trump’s greatest allies as we stop the illegal invasion at the border, revitalize our economy, and put an end to the Left’s corrosion of our American values!”

-Rick Becker

Where I Stand on the Issues…


The Biden Border Crisis must end!

Unleash our Energy Potential

We need to find ways to unshackle our farmers and energy producers to allow their success to fuel our economy.

Inflation & Spending

Bidenomics is crushing North Dakota’s middle class through skyrocketing inflation.

Protecting our Children

We must protect our children from harmful transgender and anti-American ideology.

America First Foreign Policy

President Trump had it right.

Protecting Life

I unapologetically support life from conception to natural death. I will oppose all federal funding for abortion services.

Protecting Farmland

There is zero excuse for major corporations to be selling our great farmland to the Chinese Communist Party.


The more education is locally controlled and provided, the better it is for children and families.

Bureaucratic & Deep State Accountability

Smug bureaucrats running roughshod over Congress cannot be tolerated.

Second Amendment

I will fight relentlessly to protect 2nd Amendment freedoms for all.

Election Integrity

We cannot have confidence in our Government without confidence in the integrity of our elections.

Term Limits

Congressional office is intended to be a temporary position of service to the people.

CO2 Pipeline

I will stand firm with our farmers and ranchers to protect landowner’s rights.

America First Fighter for North Dakota