Stop the Invasion at the Southern Border

The failure to declare an illegal invasion at the border and take immediate action is grounds for impeachment. Under the Biden administration – dangerous drugs, cartel thugs, and human trafficking have all created a humanitarian crisis along our southern border.

We must secure our border immediately, and finish building President Trump’s wall.

The liberal agenda of open borders and a socialist utopia will be the demise of our society as we know it. I am in favor of immigration for all persons who desire to come for opportunity, who believe in our system of government, and who want to be Americans. They must be vetted properly for the security of our nation.

Unleash North Dakota’s Energy Potential

The North Dakotan energy industry is a backbone of America. We need to find ways to unshackle our farmers and energy producers to allow their success to fuel our economy. The Biden administration must end its liberal agenda to rebuild our nation in the progressive Green New Deal’s image.

Their intrusive Federal land grab must end. It is an improper intrusion into the states and the property rights of landowners.

I will oppose excessive regulations and pointless roadblocks against our critical energy infrastructure – including LNG, coal plants, mining and oil extraction. America is safest when it is energy independent.

Put an End to Bidenflation

Bidenomics is crushing North Dakota’s middle class through skyrocketing inflation. Families all over our great state are continuing to struggle with staggeringly high prices at the pump and at the grocery store. Meanwhile, Democrats in Washington care more about spending record breaking tax dollars in foreign aid to the people of Ukraine than making sure hard-working Americans like those right here in North Dakota can buy eggs to feed their family.

It’s time for Washington bureaucrats to balance our budget, reign in wasteful spending, and ensure that we return to the prosperous nation delivered to us just four years ago under President Trump.

Protecting our Children from the “Woke” Agenda

We must protect our children from harmful transgender and anti-American ideology – plain and simple. Men do not belong in women’s sports, children’s reading circles should be filled with the Little Engine that Could and not your local drag show, and no minor should ever be subjected to life-altering, “gender-affirming” hormones or mutilating surgery.

Our children are our most sacred resource, and Democrats’ Marxist ideology is seeking to corrupt our society. We will put an end to this at all levels for the sake of our children.

America First Foreign Policy

The United States is a nation in debt. We should not send the earnings of hard-working Americans overseas when our own house is not in order – especially to nations hostile to our own. 

President Trump had it right. We need to stop letting other countries take advantage of us. We need to stop wasting precious lives and resources on endless wars.

Most importantly, the Authorization for Use of Military Force must be dramatically revised. I will not stand for sending our men and women overseas to risk their lives, when those in Congress will not even risk their political career to properly declare a war.  If no war is declared, then no boots will be on the ground. The war authority is given to Congress, not the President.

Protecting Life

The preborn are within the spectrum of human life every bit as much as a 6 month old, a 6 year old, or a 60 year old. The sanctity and respect for life must be upheld throughout all stages of life. Period. I unapologetically support life from conception to natural death. I will oppose all federal funding for abortion services. Every child must be protected.

Protecting Farmland from Communist China

There is zero excuse for major corporations to be selling our great farmland to the Chinese Communist Party. It is in our national interest to keep nation’s that want to see us fail out of our most precious natural resources.

Fund Kids not Educational Bureaucrats

The more education is locally controlled and provided, the better it is for children and families. We can take care of our own schools and curriculum in North Dakota.

Educational choice is important for families to give their children the best possible learning experience. The federal government has no place in dictating to North Dakota we must teach our kids like those in Gavin Newsom’s socialist California.

All restrictions and barriers that make it more difficult for families should be removed. I will also support abolishing the federal Department of Education, while block-granting funds at a per-pupil cost to each state over a 10-year phase out period.

Bureaucratic & Deep State Accountability

The Washington machine has been left unchecked for too long. Bureaucrats at all levels have been left to dictate policy without being elected and with zero accountability to regular hard-working Americans.

These same unelected bureaucrats are weaponizing the federal government against President Trump, mothers and fathers attending school board meetings, and all of their other political enemies.

Enough is enough. Congress is the only branch authorized by the Constitution to make law. It is time we reigned in and held accountable the Washington Deep State. I will put an end to their unchecked power.

Second Amendment

As the lead sponsor of North Dakota’s Constitutional Carry Act, I always have been and always will be a champion for the Second Amendment.

Federal gun control must not be accepted. Democrats are looking for every chance to destroy our right to bear arms, and I will be a defender of your freedoms every step of the way.

I will support national reciprocity and look to remove any and all federal laws putting restrictions on our God-given rights.

Protect our Election Integrity

We cannot have confidence in our government, without confidence in the integrity of our elections. Every legal vote must count, and we must be tireless in our effort to resist any act which allows the Federal government to intrude further into our elections.

Term Limits

Congressional office is intended to be a temporary position of service to the people.  Career politicians tend to inevitably become corrupt and self-serving. I support term limits for members of Congress.

CO2 Pipeline is a Surrender to Biden’s Climate Extremisms

The Summit Carbon Solutions pipeline, which is partly owned by the Chinese Communist Party, will cross through North Dakota to bury a select government-chosen group of private companies’ waste in our precious land in the central part of the state.

To the tune of billions in taxpayer dollars, this pipeline will be detrimental to our farmers and ranchers who will be given no choice but to let this monstrosity in their backyard. As a party we should stand up against the Biden and Al Gore vision for a Green New Deal future, but some weak Republicans refuse to have a backbone.

In Congress, I will stand firm with our farmers and ranchers to protect landowner’s rights. I will most certainly not insult our agriculture industry by siding with CCP-influenced big-businesses using this pipeline as a get-rich-off-taxpayers-scheme. I will always support our energy producers, agricultural industries, and look to get government red tape out of business – but I will not allow this sham to hurt our hard-working North Dakotans.

America First Fighter for North Dakota